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Best Laser Measuring Tool
Best Laser Measuring Tool

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Today guys, we’re going to talk about Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation which, if you paid attention in science class, you’ll recognize by its more common, easy to remember, and much more time-efficient name of laser. What about lasers specifically, though? In another example of how tech is making all the labors of the past increasingly obsolete, we’re discussing tape measures. You might remember these long, awkward and downright noisy little instruments have been the go-to measuring tool for decades, and while we were all sure there was a better way, no one was too intent on figuring out how. This is where laser measuring devices came in. These little gadgets are an awesome upgrade from the tape measures that dad clipped to his belt during those neverending home improvement projects, and are lightweight, easy to use, and more accurate than you ever thought possible. If you are or know someone in construction or who loves transforming their home, then check out our picks for the best laser measuring tools, and bring some unparalleled precision into their world.

Best Laser Measuring Tool in 2021
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1 Leica DISTO E7100i Distance Laser Measure
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Leica DISTO E7100i Distance Laser Measure

Our second Leica laser meter is the DISTA E700i and much like its slightly more advanced older sibling is packed full of groundbreaking and awesome features that provide the most streamlined project they possibly can.
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Bringing 1/16th-inch accuracy and with a range of 200 feet, there’s pretty much nothing you can’t measure effectively, including area and volume.

There’s also Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility, which will allow you to transfer and store information on any other device you can connect, giving you a reliable and correct record to refer back to when needed. Meanwhile, the dust and splash-proof casing might not seem like a big deal but is essential to keep it operational over years of use in all kinds of construction and DIY environments. If you are a DIYer, make sure you check out our multimeters guide as well.

1/16th-inch accuracy up to 200 feet

Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility for transfer and storage

Dust and splash protected

Area and volume functions

  • BrandLeica
  • ModelE7100i
  • Weight8.8 ounces
2 Bosch Bluetooth Enabled Distance Laser Measure
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Bosch Bluetooth Enabled Distance Laser Measure

This awesomely designed and awesomely constructed electronic Bosch Bluetooth Tape Measure takes all the best bits of other measuring devices and packs them neatly into a compact and portable distance measure to provide you with one of the most efficient products possible.
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Its lightweight with a bright backlight to suit all working conditions and uses a built-in inclinometer to allow you to measure angles, stakeout, and double indirect measurements.

The Bluetooth compatibility is also great for making your job much easier than it has any right to be, while the real-time measurement system bridges that familiarity gap from tape measures to keep you in the loop. Designed with convenience and simplicity in mind, these features make it a solid piece of equipment that is a decent alternative if you don’t want to splash out on more expensive models. Love this product? Check out our review of the best circular saws for our top picks.

Extreme accuracy within 1/8th inch over 165 feet

Built-in inclinometer

Lightweight and portable

Bluetooth functionality for storage and transfer

  • BrandBosch
  • ModelGLM 50 C
  • Weight3.52 ounces
3 Tacklife HD40 Classic Laser Measure
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Tacklife HD40 Classic Laser Measure

If you’re looking for the best laser measure that is also excellent value for money, then this Tacklife HD40 could just be the product for you. With it, you’ll get top-quality accuracy of 1/16th of an inch, as well as the ability to measure up to 131 feet of distance.
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It will also automatically calculate the area and volume of targets and provides quick and easy measurement solutions to shave precious time form projects.

With the possibility of six different measuring units, you’re gifted a wide range of versatility, while the design is straightforward to understand, making it an awesome choice for your first laser measuring tool if you’re still on the fence. As far as cheap laser measuring devices go, you’re unlikely to have even half the success with anything other than this. Find more great products like this by checking out our guide to the best portable workbenches.

Accurate over 131 feet within 1/16th inch

Automatic area and volume calculations

Quick and easy measuring

6 different selection units

  • BrandTacklife
  • ModelHD40
  • Weight5.6 ounces
4 Leica DISTO D2 Distance Laser Measure
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Leica DISTO D2 Distance Laser Measure

The Leica DISTO D2 has what we believe to be everything you need in a laser measure. Using a class II laser, you’ll get incredible 1/16th-inch accuracy up to a massive 330 feet as well as a multitude of measuring units that make getting the right digits easier than ever.
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To make projects even simpler, there’s a 10 measurement memory function, so you can undertake larger jobs without needing to scribble down information every other minute.

Perhaps most important though, is the Bluetooth connectivity. This is a revolutionary addition and means you can transfer data and info directly to your smartphone or other devices so you can view everything you record on your phone through the dedicated app. Despite being a little more expensive, features just like this that make it stand out as maybe the best laser measuring tool if you’re willing to splash the cash, and if you can, then why not? This also makes a perfect DIY gift for men in your life.

Bluetooth feature for quick measurement and swift data transfer, saving you time

Measures accurately up to 330 feet and 1/16 inches

Lightweight, easy to carry around and able to withstand harsh worksite conditions. Built to last

Able to measure in multiple units including Pythagoras

  • BrandLeica
  • Model838725
  • Weight4 ounces
5 Bosch Blaze Pro 165′ Laser Distance Measure
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Bosch Blaze Pro 165′ Laser Distance Measure

This pocket-size laser measure tool is much raved about for a variety of reasons, the key being its ability to measure from short distances to larger ones using its strong laser beam in seconds.
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Able to measure over 160 feet, the GLM 165 delivers continuous, real-time and accurate results by calculating ad adjusting measurements as you inch closer to a desirable target and it displays the measurements in multiple units. It is able to store recent measurements (about 10) making it easy to save your work for later.

A bright backlight complements its bright LCD display and makes it easy to work at night and its compact, lightweight yet strong and durable design means you can carry it along easily. As it is just about 6 ounces in weight and comes with fitted batteries for quick use and also features a really cool wrist strap for your convenience. The exterior of the GLM 165 is built with strong plastic and can withstand a variety of worksite conditions, whether wet or dusty.

Highly functional, able to calculate multiple units and gives a real-time measurement for long and short distances

Able to measure accurately up to 1/16 inches and about 165 ft

Features a bright LCD display and backlight for low light conditions

Lightweight can easily fit into any pocket or toolbox

  • BrandBosch
  • ModelGLM165-40
  • Weight6.6 ounces
6 Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Measure
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Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Measure

The Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Tape Measure is easy to handle and even easier to use. Its designed with a robust and durable casing that will survive the site longer than you’d expect it to
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and the multiple measurements make it highly versatile for tracking distance wherever you need it to.

Providing accuracy of 1/13th of an inch over up to 196 feet, those days of dragging the tape measure and letting it whip everyone’s heels on the way back are over – which is either awesome or a crying shame. Furthermore, an array of functions, including continuous measurement, will transform your measuring practices like you never thought possible. The screen isn’t super easy on the eyes, but with its simplicity, we’ll forgive it this time. Make sure you always have it handy in your tool bag.

Provides high and consistent accuracy using rare double bubble system

Strong and durable, built to withstand accidental drops

Features a bright LCD display and backlight for better visibility in darker environments

Able to calculate measurements in various units

  • BrandTacklife
  • ModelHD60
  • Weight7.4 ounces

Laser Measuring Tool Buying Guide and FAQs

How We Chose Our Selection of Laser Measuring Tools

Instead of throwing darts at a wall, we put quite a lot of care into selecting our favorite products that we think you’ll love, too. Here is the criteria that each item has to meet to make the list.

Quality – Quality is a massive factor in selecting which products we think will be the best for you! We look at how its built, what it can do, and whether or not what it can do if what you would look for in a laser measuring instrument.

Brand – We know that focusing too much on a brand can make you blind to some true gems, but a popular and well-known brand – mostly – guarantees top quality products, and at the very least, you know that their products go through rigorous testing before sale.

Reviews – Reviews are an excellent way of gauging how worth it a product is to buy. Written by people who have bought and used it for its intended purpose, they know what they’re looking for, what the product does well, and what the manufacturer could do better

Durability – With laser measuring tools used on construction sites, they need to be able to withstand the occasional bout of abuse from drops, knocks, and other happenings at the yard. The durability will depend on how robust and rugged the casing is and will affect how sure it is to survive daily use around construction and building sites.

Ease-of-Use – Nobody wants to splash out on a cool new gadget only to feel the burning embarrassment when they can’t figure out how to even use it. We’ve ensured that the laser tapes we’ve picked are simple and straightforward to use so there’ll be no regretful returns.

Price – we know everybody has different budgets, so we’ve selected a range of prices so that we ensure that nobody misses out and if you need one, you can buy one!

Features To Look For In Laser Measuring Tools

Accuracy – When looking to purchase a laser measuring tool, you need to look out for the accuracy the device guarantees. Misreading measurement results is common when using a traditional tape measure, but make no mistake, some laser measurement tools are not as accurate as others. That is why it is important to get measurement tools that guarantee accuracy of up to 1/16 inches. Most laser measureming tools have such a feature, although other higher performance ones are able to measure accurately at 1/32.

Range – How far a laser measurement tool can reach is another factor to look out for. With various brands offering varied ranges, it can be quite tricky choosing one that is the right fit for the intended purpose. Whilst some can measure up to 50 feet, others can be up to over 320 feet, depending on the user. Domestic users may want to get one with a lower range as compared to higher ones which are mostly used by top professionals.

Functionality – A laser measurement tool typically has multiple functions. Whilst some can measure volume, distance, and area, others have the Pythagoras theorem functionality in addition, and can be used for continuous measurement. Whatever your need for a laser measurement tool, you need a fair knowledge of their functions, as it will help you make an informed buying decision. Other advanced models come with Bluetooth functionality, allowing you to easily transfer measurements to any device.

Laser Measuring Tool FAQs

Q: How do laser measures work?

A: Laser Measurements work by measuring the “Time of Flight” which is how long it takes for the intended object to reflect the laser beam thrown at it by the device. For instance, if you wish to measure from where you stand to a not so distant wall, the tool works by measuring how long it takes for the laser beam to hit the wall and reflect back to the device. It then delivers the distance in measurable units.

Q: How accurate is a laser measure?

A: They are pretty accurate, with most of them able to measure at an accuracy of 1/16. Other advanced measures are able to measure at an accuracy of 1/32. Generally, laser measures are more accurate and deliver better results than traditional tape measures.

Q: Can you use laser measure outside?

A: Laser measures can be used outside. However, due to their functionality, you need to be able to see the object you want to measure the distance from, as the laser beam is thrown to land on it. Some devices have brighter laser beams than others, so depending on the daylight at the time of the measurement, you may not be able to clearly see the laser dot. In fully sunny conditions, visibility for the laser might only be for a few meters.

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