VULCAN ProTIG™ 205 Industrial Welder With 120/240 Volt Input

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The ProTIG™ 205 Industrial Welder is a 120v/240v TIG welder that combines intuitive setup with advanced control for professional results

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The VULCAN® ProTig 205 is the ultimate tool for the professional or hobbyist welder. Featuring a solid 205-amp of AC/DC TIG welding power, it can weld any metal up to 5/16 in. in a single pass. It can also deliver solid stick welding performance with 175-amp of power, enough to handle most 1/8 in. electrodes. Inverter technology allows the ProTig 205 to stay lightweight while also delivering the highest quality output at maximum efficiency. The 53 lb. ProTig 205 is versatile enough to use in any environment, with dual voltage technology that allows you to use the unit on 120-volts in areas that don’t provide 240-volt electricity and still have enough power to get the job done. Pre- and post-flow control allow the operator to adjust the amount of gas coverage for their application. AC Balance and AC Frequency give the operator ultimate control over the focus and penetration of their AC TIG welding arc. This welder comes with nearly everything inside the box necessary to start TIG welding: foot pedal, air-cooled TIG torch, stick electrode holder with cable, work clamp with cable, regulator, and starter consumable kit are included as part of the package. Just add gas, your favorite filler rods and you are ready to complete your project.

  • Advanced features with simple interface
  • Outstanding TIG aluminum performance
  • TIG and DC stick from a single power source for ultimate versatility
  • High frequency arc starting for ultimate arc quality
  • Built-in pulsing for increased travel speeds and minimized heat distortion
  • Weighs only 53 lb. – ideal for shop or field use
  • Dual voltage technology capable of 120V or 240V input
  • Inverter technology for highest quality output and maximum efficiency
  • 120v and 240v power cords are included

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VULCAN ProTIG™ 205 Industrial Welder With 120/240 Volt Input
VULCAN ProTIG™ 205 Industrial Welder With 120/240 Volt Input
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